Stuck in an elevato

Jerry and I closed down our rented Florida condo on March 29 and began the two plus hour drive to the auto train. We were on the tenth floor of the condo building. This was a first for us. We have always thought the view from the third to the fifth floor was the best. But we thoroughly enjoyed this different look at the ocean.

Two days before our departure we scheduled a final round of golf at The Saints course in St Lucie. Our plan was for a nice leisurely round. We made a tee time for 3 o’clock having learned that at this course most of the action was earlier in the day. It was such a beautiful day that we decided to leave for the course a little early. The condo building elevator had other plans for us. When we got on the elevator the doors closed and the elevator did not move. It was, to say the least, a little freaky. Our whole travail lasted about twenty minutes – it seemed like several hours.

I was very grateful to be with my husband. I felt his calmness. We used the elevator phone and called the elevator company. The woman who answered asked if we were experiencing any medical emergencies. We said no but added that we would appreciate her sending a technician to get us off the elevator. She said that since there did not appear to be an emergency there were certain protocols that she had to follow, certain button pressing sequences that had to be tried. When the sequences were followed and the elevator still didn’t budge we said PLEASE send us a technician. Finally she said she would but couldn’t guarantee when he would arrive. I sat down on the elevator feeling that if the elevator fell ten floors this would be my best chance of survival. Jerry busied himself with the elevator buttons, focusing on the alarm button and that paid off. Another tenth floor resident heard the noise and came out to the elevator. She called and banged on the elevator door asking if we were OK. With Jerry on one side of the door and her on the other, both trying to slide it open, the door finally budged and we were able to get out. We thanked our condo neighbor profusely, walked down the ten flights of stairs, got into our car and headed to the golf course. It truly was a beautiful day.

When we returned several hours later, after nine fun holes of golf, the elevator we had been on still was not working but fortunately the second elevator for the condo building was.

Our trip home on the auto train was uneventful – we were excited to be getting back in time for the Cherry Blossom ten mile run where thirteen of our family members were participating. I found myself reflecting on my brother Bud and his running adventures. Bud ran his first marathon at age sixty – pretty impressive!!!

About fifty family and friends gathered at the Constances’ home after the Cherry Blossom to honor the runners and to honor Maura and her 60th birthday. We have a family tradition of asking what we all call the birthday questions. I wasn’t sure that the tradition would be followed with this large gathering some of whom did not know our tradition. But grandson Liam was insistent. It provided an incredible ending to a magnificent day when Maura was serenaded with a very robust happy birthday song and then asked the questions. Her answers showcased the love and the caring which are intrinsically Maura.

Now it is the end of April and my birthday is tomorrow. For me the best part of having a birthday is the effort that family and friends make to specially connect at this time. And for those who do not live close by, the iPhone is the instrument of our connection. Yesterday – for the first time in all our years of having an iPhone, our server had several hours of malfunctioning. At first I thought it was just my phone, but then Jerry’s was also misbehaving. I talked with a neighbor who uses the same server and she was having similar phone issues. Today our electronics are working fine. I have been reflecting on how much it means to me to hear from those I love. Jerry and I are truly blessed with family and friends. I must not forget those who are not so blessed.

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