January 2023

View from our rented beach condo for the next almost nine weeks

Message to any potential reader – this particular blog is full of grandmotherly bragging.

All months have their specialness – for me January’s specialness has always been tied into the start of a new year and the family and friend birthdays that fall into this month

I have always appreciated the concept of new beginnings. At a younger age I would make some pretty grandiose pronouncements to start of the new year – I thought making New Year’s resolutions was the thing to do – but I like better my current resolution focus – picking out one resolution/plan to focus on. We will see how this year goes.

Growing up I thought my brother Pete had been given a bad deal being born in January – as far as birthday presents were concerned. I remember his getting some gifts that were presented with the words ” merry Christmas and happy birthday.” I was glad my birthday was in April and resolved that when I got married and had children none of them would be born in January. I wanted them to get all the gifts they were entitled to. I have to confess that my focus was a little off.

When Jerry and I married and began our family I couldn’t believe it when our first child was born on January 8. In the happiness of our first born I took a pledge( to myself) that he would never be shortchanged for his birthday. January has gone on to provide us with four precious grandchildren and a beloved son-in- law.

Our nineteen grandchildren range in age from almost sixteen to just turned thirty. Such an exciting time in their lives and ours as we follow their various life paths. As I have said before it seems very fitting that the first grandchild wedding was of our first grandchild. This is a busy time in our grandparenting life as we rejoice in grandchildren milestones: singing solos; first dances; taking college by storm; grad school; jobs; job challenges and job promotions; having the courage to leave a job and move on when it is time; graduations, engagements.

Jerry and I came to Florida by auto train on Thursday. We are gradually settling into our condo on the ocean. We played bridge yesterday and then had dinner with some Florida friends. Such a treat when heading home to check the iPhone and find a message from Lilly who is pursuing her Masters in writing at the London University of the Arts. In response to one of our recent message exchanges she e-mailed me a monologue to proof read. I was honored.

We are so proud of each of our grandchildren as they seek to nurture their God given talents, to find what road into the future they should follow. As Walt Disney says, ” The best way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

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